Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Storm Shelters

Storm Shelters 

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Around the world, there are a lot of catastrophes which are very hazardous and destroy all the properties along with taking several human lives. These calamities include hurricanes, tropical storms and tornadoes. These days, there is an increasing trend of making storm shelters in order to protect people. Previously, people used to think that they can easily hide in safe rooms (which are not in direct contact with the high-speed winds) when tornadoes occur. But now, people have realized that they cannot stand the strong winds and dangerous debris, which can be very unsafe for the house. This has given rise to the storm shelter industry.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), his one of the credible agencies which sets the quality standards for making the storm shelters. They also publish the guides for people in United States, stating facts on what kind of tornadoes and storms occur in different states. And by knowing how strong and frequently the winds occur in your state, it will help you in building the storm shelters accordingly and up to code. The southern states of US are always in danger specially people living in Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida and Tennessee have reported the occurrence of more tornadoes and storms as compared to other states. 
If you are planning to build the storm shelter in your house, be it underground or on-ground, you are advised to follow the guidelines which are set in FEMA’s 320 plans. Secondly, always purchase the storm shelters and the material used for it from the companies which are NSSA (National Storm Shelter Association) verified. In case, you have built the storm shelter which does not conform to the above mentioned standards, the government may force you to rebuild it again, which shall cost you a lot of bucks.

Since, tornado and storm shelters are not very well secured, therefore you cannot store the emergency supplies beforehand. But you can always train your family members and prepare them for the worst situations. Appropriate food items, water supply, night torch and blankets might be some essential products which need to be placed in storm shelters. A reputable company which provides quality storm shelters is ‘Allen Construction’. They offer underground and on-ground storm shelters which are according to set standards and codes. But there are differences in the prices of both options; shelters built outside are cheaper as compared to the storm shelters built inside. 

You can have the tornado shelters built anywhere you think is convenient and appropriate. However, building them down into the basement or in the garage might not be a very good idea as it is not easy for people who are either handicapped or elder. There are many companies like ‘Allen Construction’ which offer storm shelters with all the facilities. Tornadoes, thunderstorms or strong winds, ‘Allen Construction’ shelters will provide you all the necessary security features in the storm shelters. It is customized according to your needs and desire; hence making you secure in most disastrous situations.